Sunday, 24 July 2016

Art and Maths

Drawing & Painting Animals

We looked carefully at photos of animals, noticed the shapes, colours and patterns and drew what we saw onto paper plates. We drew the outline with a vivid, mixed our own colours and painted carefully using thin brushes.

Making a Clock

We practised skip counting in 3's. We glued on the numbers 3,6,9,12 onto our clock faces at the top, bottom and sides. We arranged the remaining numbers onto out clock faces. We added a long handle to measure minutes and a short handle to measure hours. 

Ayr Reserve Walk

Writer's Eye

I am learning to talk about & write down what I notice with my writers’ eye.
On our winters walk we found a rat. It was lying on its stomach in the rock garden. It was dead. We decided to look at the rat carefully and talk about and write down all the things we noticed with our writers’ eyes.

“His eyes are open.” Retaj
“His ears look grey, silver, brown and pink.” Charlotte
“The tail is brown and long and stripy.” Summer
“There is a little bit of blood on its nose and stomach.” Esther
 “I thought that rats had pig tails!” Ethan
“I see sharp teeth poking out of his mouth.” Zeb
“The tail looks like a snake.” Leo C
“It looks fluffy and the back legs look really big.” Leo C
“He is really big.” Caleb
“His ears look like triangles.” Caleb
“The colour on the back is black and it is brown on the stomach.” Oliver
 “The hands look human has 5 fingers.” Leo W
“He has teeth are sharp and a little bit yellow.” Una, Defne & Zander
“He has curly ears. Like human ones but smaller.” Emma & Una
“Hi tail looks like a brown rug. It is covered in little hairs and is fluffy at the end.” Emma
“The colour is brown.” Hao Hao
It smells disgusting.” Una
“The tail is long.”
“He got hurt under his arm.”

We measured the rat and it was 30cm long from nose to tail. Its body (from nose to bottom) was 17cm long.

We then looked carefully at the shape and the things we noticed and drew what we saw.

Winter Art

Winter Art
Mixed Media: dye, print, rubbings

We mixed red, blue and yellow dye to create the colours we saw on our walk. When we mixed red with green (yellow and blue) we made a greyish brown colour. It was science magic.

We then chose three colours and ‘whooshed, schwumped and whirred’ them onto paper to create a background for our Winter Art. It was hard to whoosh because we wanted to make shapes but Miss Derhamy wanted us to move our brush like the wind. Once we understood we made beautiful winter patterns.

Once the dye was dry we rolled printing ink onto the leaves we collected on our winter walk and printed them onto our art. It was like stamping the leaves onto the paper.

The next day we collected leaves with bumpy stalks and veins. We bent the leaves to check they were not too dry and crumbly.

We then made leaf rubbings using crayons and black paper. We cut out the leaf rubbings, scrunched them up tightly, unfolded them gently and glued them onto our Winter Art. 

Observing the rain

I am learning to write down what I notice.

Observing the rain

“I head rain dripping all over the ground.” Summer
“Outside on the court it sounded like a rainy lake.” Leo C
“I saw the leaves dripping on the cheery tree.” Retaj
“A drop of rain fell in my eye.” Ethan
“When I stomped in the puddles I saw circles.” Emma
“When I touched the puddles they felt freezing.” Charlotte
“When I looked in the puddles I saw my reflection.” Zander
“The sun was behind the clouds.” Defne

Winter Walk

Room 8 went on a walk in the apex on the first day of winter. We used our writers’ eyes to notice what has changed and notice things that happen in the winter.

After the walk we talked about what we had noticed and Miss Derhamy wrote down our thoughts. When we read back our writing we noticed it sounded like a poem. We had made a first day of winter poem.

The Winter Walk

The sky is greyish blue with long, thin, flat clouds.
The leaves are yellow, orange, brown, black and green.
The cheery tree has only a few
leaves left. It is naked and bare.

Everything is cold.
Everything is wet.
The ground is muddy.

The branches and leaves on the ground are starting to rot and they smell interesting.
There is water in the mud.
Today is the first day of winter.

       By Room 8 and Miss Derhamy

Book Week

Books from Around the World 
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